CNC Turning Machining

The turning process is suitable for mass production of high precision small components.

CNC Turning Machining is a Process suitable for high to Low production of Precision CNC Turned components. We can Machine Aluminum, Beryllium, Brass, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Tool steel, Copper, Nylon, PTFE, ABS, Acrylic and various of other materials. Various capabilities include Drilling, Boring, Turning, Threading, knurling, and broaching, counter boring, reaming, tapping and saw cutting. Value added services include CNC milling machining & CNC screw machine Products for the agriculture, automotive aftermarket, Commercial, Government, Electronics, Industrial, Medical, Oil & Gas and green energy markets. And Yes even Steel Pins, Sleeves bushings and motor shafts.

Broussard Enterprises, Inc produced thousands of CNC turned components. Like washers, bolts, shafts, Rollers, wheels, rivets, spacers, sleeves, nipples, stainless steel fittings, pipe fittings, eyelet bushings, light fittings, wheel studs, Lamp parts etc. We can always choose the suitable turning process to reach your requirement of both quality and price.

CNC Turning Machining
Equipment Capabilities CNC Control Capabilities Optical Comparators
Machining for Industries Aerospace Automotive Aftermarket
  Appliance Industrial
  Automotive Marine
  Defense Medical
  Farm Duty Military/Mil-Spec
  HVAC Mining
  Underground products Government
  Commercial Power Generation
  Connectors Stamping
Intended Application Machine components Spindles
  Engine components Sockets
  Turbine components Bushings
  Hydraulic components Spacers
  Turbomachinery components Fittings
  Construction equipment Standoffs
  Shafts Extrusion Dies
  Forgings Fixtures
  Precast Underground Hardware
  Valves Injection Mold Components
  Pins Textile Components
  Thread rod Fishing Industrys
  Fasteners Pneumatic
Industry Standards AS - Compliant Aerospace Industry Standard
  ISO - Compliant International Organization for Standardization
Production Volume Min Max
  1 units 500000 units
  Specialty Production Shop Large Run
  Prototype Long Run
  Low Volume Large Scale Production Volume Run
  Small Run  
  High Volume  
Lead Times Available Quoted on job by job basis Emergency services available
  Rush Services Available  
Materials (Metals) Alloy Steels Iron
  Aluminum Nylon
  Beryllium Molybdenum
  Brass Nickel
  Bronze Alloys Palladium
  Low Carbon Steel Stainless Steel
  Carbon Steel Tin
  Copper Telflon
Additional Capabilities CAD Design Services Honeycomb Machining
  CAM Programming Services Monolithic Component
  Complex Component Reverse Engineering
Cutting Axis 2-Axis machining 2-Axis + C -Axis machining  
Max Part Length Max  18''
  Min 0.005
Max Part Diameter Max 10.00 in
  Min 0.06250
Minimum Part Feature Microhole Micromachining
  Miniature Part Machining  
Tolerance (+/-) 0.0002 in  
Quality System We have an established and effective quality program with a full time inspection department. We begin with a first piece inspection, during every inside and outside process, followed by a thorough final inspection upon completion. Material and outside process certifications available upon request

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